Nissan Tuff Bar Running Boards

Most of the Nissan Tuff Bar Running Boards come with non-slip treads to prevent slipping while entering and exiting the truck. These non-slip treads are especially useful in snowy winter when the chances of slipping are very high. All the materials used to make them are resistant to rust, corrosion and oxidation. They are made more resistant to corrosion by chrome plating or diamond plating.

They can withstand any harsh weather and hence are more durable. Nissan Tuff Bar Running Boards are created using computer software design to make it perfect fit. Some of the running boards have adjustable end caps finish that allows running board adjustment to get the custom fit appearance. If you own a full-size SUV, cab-length running boards look the best on your Nissan. This is going to most closely resemble anything the factory would have installed, plus you get a lift up at all 4 doors.

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