Ruby On Rails is a choice of today’s Programmers!

May 26th, 2011 by admin

Effective programming is a must for developing any web application and Ruby On Rails has made an impressive name in terms of contemporary programming. Let us look back about its birth and the reasons why it is so much in demand?

Ruby On Rails is a programming language came into existence in 1995 and its creator was Yukihiro Matsumoto. Actually this can be called as the connecting link between Smalltalk and Perl languages. Ruby On rails is a beautiful programming language which always makes its programmers happy with the help of Rails. Rails also intensify the beauty of the Ruby by making it more effective and productive in the field of web application development.

Ruby is based on the concept of Object Oriented programming and hence is a dynamic programming language. Ruby On Rails is very much helpful in the development of the web applications by interacting with the database and acting as a model or prototype web applications. The motorhome New Zealand method followed by this programming language is Principle of least surprise (POLS) which has shed many inhibitions in terms of software programming.

Many of us might be thinking what is this rails? Rails is a type of programming community in which the application acts as a prototype by having an interface with the database and thus allows the programmer to see the developing web application while making modifications in it. Programmer can have a clear cut view of the developing web application with the help of model view controller framework.

All you need is the web server and the database to be able to develop a simple and efficient web application. Rails is well compatible with many web servers and databases, so is very useful in the field of content management, online social communities alliance, e-commerce etc.

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