Ruby on Rails in Contemporary Programming

May 25th, 2011 by admin

Ruby as described by the author here is an object-oriented and dynamic programming language created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in the year 1995. It have been described as a cross combination of Smalltalk and Perl. It is referred to programming language used for writing codes. Rails on the other hand is an approach to use Ruby as the solutions for various Web application problems.

Ruby on Rails is a framework for web applications written in the programming language Ruby. It does provide a various way of speedy prototyping of the web applications that uses the interface to a common database to support the modification and development of the application to a great level of sophistication. It is said to have followed the Principle Of Least Surprise (POLS) and have done away with a lots of barrier in the entry to the field of Software programming. Rail is said to provide scaffolding programming an approach where the application that is made is supported and generally based on the database and the programmer has the flexibility to write/modify the application database with the help of view controller framework. It does help in creating model views in a fast and effective manner. The effect of rails has not only been limited in the rails community but have also effected other communities globally generally in a positive manner.
With an existing web sever and database, the Ruby on Rails development environment helps you in making easy and simple web application with a fluent interactive and function level. Due to its decent amount of flexibility, Ruby on Rails well equipped for various things like. Content management, e- commerce development, Os commerce, Online social networks/communities and collaboration. Another reason for the smooth process of creating web application using Rails is that it still performs well with huge range of web database and servers.

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