Ruby on Rails Creator says install patch, like, now

May 23rd, 2011 by admin

Ruby on Rails is a well known and accepted framework for web development, mostly famous for its great speed. It is an application tool that provides the web developer all the structure for all the coding they write. This framework also helps the user to build sites and several applications. Rails is written in a programming language called Ruby an well known programming language which is generally popular for the elegance and directness of the language among several web developers.

A security up-gradation on this matter was made by the creator of The Ruby on Rails project Heinemeier Hansson as a patch which he mentioned to be a must install to fix a critical vulnerability. This patch was released on Wednesday on a blog post by the Heinemeier Hansson himself.

He declared this patch to be mandatory and to be installed as soon as possible, as it expected to fix a major loop hole, he also compared this situation with, how wearing a helmet is a must while trying to go 100 mph on a motorbike through downtown in pick hours, so to express the importance of this matter.

He also mentioned that the issue for which the patch was made only effects Ruby on Rails version 1.0 and the later versions. However he did not want to discuss the problem in details, probably cause of security issues.

It is also found that Heinemeier Hansson have been working on a Wiki clone which is called Instiki, it runs on rails and the main focus is on its stability and portability, it also supports several other features like, uploading of files, LaTeX export, RSS feeds, S5 Slideshows, multiple user and also can be password protected. He also referred it to be very easy and simple to set up and that the current version is 0.11.0.

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