Obama to Win Delaware

February 4th, 2008 by admin

Today Barack Obama came to Wilmington to deliver his message of hope and change, and Delaware responded, to the tune of 20,000 citizens clogging the streets of Wilmington just to catch a listen and a glimpse. The estimate of 20,000 comes from Wilmington city communications director John Rigo. Mayor Baker said he did not recall a rally this large in the city since the days of Lyndon Johnson.

The crowds were told to get there early, especially if you wanted to get a place on the Square where Senator Obama was to be speaking. And I did. As I sit here writing this, my feet and legs are sore from standing up since 9:30 this morning. My fingers are numb, not from the cold outdoor temperatures but from clapping and shaking the hands of my fellow Delawareans. My voice is hoarse from yelling “Yes We Can” and “O-Bam-A!”

I will not talk about his speech, for if you are a political junkie like I am, you have heard it before. Indeed, I watched his speech from St. Louis last night, and it was the same stump speech. But that does not detract from hearing the words in person, and seeing the passion radiate off the next President of the United States, who is standing not ten yards away from you.

So I write this diary not only to show you pictures and video of the rally, I also want to tell you about why I have come to be so passionate about Obama’s candidacy.

I am a Democrat because I believe every single person born on this earth has the same dignity and worth as the next person. There is no one who is better than others. I am a Democrat because I believe people must not and cannot be judged on where we were born, or what our skin color is, or if we are a man or a woman, or if we are poor or rich or somewhere in between. I believe all human beings are equal, and each human being ought to be my neighbor and friend for the small period of time that we inhabit this Earth together. I hate divisions that separates and segregates us into opposing camps.

So as I was walking to and from the rally, and as I stood shoulder to shoulder with others, I see my fellow human beings from every walk of life. Black and White. Asian and Hispanic. Men and Women. Gay and straight. For me, that is the message of hope and change. No longer are we to be divided due to fear or race or sex or sexual orientation. Instead we are united in electing a man who personifies our best. It is a feeling that sends chills down my spine.

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