Mike Castle favors endless war.

September 21st, 2007 by admin

Congressional Quarterly quotes Castle:

“I’m trying to develop a long-term strategy on Iraq. We’re not just seeking one vote on a bill,” Rep. Castle said, adding that moderates in both parties are working on proposals that could be brought to the floor, possibly the week of Sept. 24.

Mr. Castle, there is no long term strategy on Iraq other than redeploying our soldiers from Iraq so that can either return home or be deployed elsewhere in the Middle East to fight Al Queda. We cannot stay in Iraq. Our presence there inflames the insurgents and the terrorists more than it hinders them. Our only purpose in Iraq has been to serve as large targets for those insurgents and terrorists.

So why would Mike Castle wish to keep our soldiers in Iraq as targets for the long term?

Indeed, hasn’t 5 years in Iraq been long enough for Mike Castle? Apparently not. Apparently, he wants our soldiers to stay in Iraq indefinitely.

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