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May 22nd, 2011 by admin

One of the interesting things about Mephisto blogging software is the unique fact that it actually runs on Rails instead of the common PHP. The truth is it is very attractive because it provides a superb and neat look on the background. It comes with an editor that allows you to change the template whenever you feel like it without requiring any type of special assistance.

Although it doesn’t have too many additional themes or perhaps even plug-ins to alter the practicality of the blog it still remains very convenient. It can be perfect for those who have an enhanced knowledge about designing and also for those who know how to develop web sites and web based products. This is due to the fact that the platform hasn’t really evolved since it was first created.

Mephisto was actually created by a team of two people because one was an expert on CMS while the other was on Ruby on Rails. They first discussed their independent projects and realized that they wanted the same thing and therefore decided to work together.

The creators of Mephisto had established that they wanted a pluggable system that was very straightforward yet stunning and light and they started working full throttle on their project in 2006. They truly believe that this will utterly be the best system for blogging and publishing purposes given that they have been working on it for only a few years.

There are important plans for the blog platform that are yet to come. They have stated that in order for it to succeed they need the support of a community. So for all of those that have been interested in Mephisto, know that you can contribute with your grain of salt. You can start by subscribing to their feed and stay updated.

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