Much like the old adage for the boxer to keep his guard up to protect his face, the grille guards on your off-road vehicle is designed to protect its front end. If you're going to be driving around in the woods and the brush and the bramble, one of these puppies will save the face of your vehicle time after time. These grille guards are manufactured with superior quality, strength, and looks. Grille guards can not only improve the appearance of your truck or SUV, but also provide protection against animal collisions. The grille guard is one of the most effective and reliable accessories that can be added to your vehicle.

Produced of a chromed or powdercoated steel tubing the grille guards will add extra layer of framing between your vehicle's bumper and anything that may come towards it. The grill guards come in one piece bar, modular styles to cover all you need to, push bars (for doing just that), and even headlight guards. Westin grille guards are created to accentuate the style of your vehicle and to make it noticeable. There are available various designs and styles of the grille guards so you can choose the one which will be the perfect fit for your vehicle. The philosophy of the Westin company is to create the grills right, make them last, and back them with a superior warranty.

Westin's product designs must meet a variety of fit, form and function criteria which are the hallmark of the Westin Brand. They are designed for easy installation, custom-made appearance and the ultimate in strength and durability, manufactured within Westin's strict quality control guidelines including scientific salt spray testing to ensure superior rust protection. Optionally you can install a variety of auxiliary lights on the grill guard that will assist your further driving and seeing. One of the most important features of the grill guard is that they actually allow to push another vehicle without making any damage to your vehicle's bumper. The installation of the accessory will not cause any difficulties all the necessary hardware together with the instruction are included into the package, so even not a DIY man can cope easily with the process of installation.