Tuff Bars

Bull bar refers to a big tubing exterior device attached to the front of a vehicle. Bull bars will act like a spring or deflector that absorbs the shock and impact of a collision when it occurs, so as to minimize the damage to both vehicle and occupants inside. Similarly, it is virtually a pedestrian-friendly design as pedestrian that is bumped into by a vehicle with bull bar is likely to suffer less injury than by the same vehicle without one. Outfit your truck with powerful protection and rugged good looks with the Tuff-Bar Bull Bar. Designed to guard your vehicle's front end against the perils of the road and fender benders, the Tuff-Bar Bull Bar delivers the protection you need while giving your ride a tougher look. Tuff-Bar Bull Bars are custom designed for a perfect fit on the nose of your specific year, make and model for maximum protection.

Crafted from 3" diameter T-304 polished stainless steel, these bull bars are tough enough to stand up to the dangers of roads and trails, whether you're cruising to the mini mart or blasting over sand berms. And, they resist rust and corrosion, so they keep looking sharp for the long haul. Your Tuff-Bar Bull Bar comes with a complete mount kit for an easy, bolt-on installation. What's more, Tuff-Bar backs your Bull Bar with a Lifetime Warranty. Designed to keep your front end protected from road hazards such as fender benders and crossing animals, the Tuff Bar push bars are adding an unmatched protection you need and the rugged looks you want. These bull bars are custom designed to fit the exact specifications of your truck, ensuring a perfect fit. If you are looking for a rugged front piece that adds protection and rivals the competition then you have to look no more. The Tuff Bar bull bars are designed to do just that.

Next years are expected to be of a great attention to Cadillac Escalade as the automotive market will welcome a new generation of 2013 Cadillac Escalade. Web sources have already spreaded photos of this vehicle. The general appearance of new 2013 Cadillac Escalade presents the mix of elegance and fierce that will be for sure combined with additional advantages which are more important than just sophisticated design. It is also expected that CAFE standards will require the transfer from SUV to CUV. That means fuel economy and the first bonus for the devoted fans of Cadillac. Also Cadillac is going to apply lambda platform which means the quantity of bonuses will be increased.

The company has not disclosed the detailed specification regarding 2013 Cadillac Escalade Accessories list, its engine range or trims. The release date of new Cadillac Escalade has not been officially fixed as well. But it is obvious that Cadillac will prepare some special features both in technical facilities and in interior design in order to hit the audience. The Escalade fans and potential buyers wait for the press release, official photos or any leaks but now they can just imagine, how will the new 2013 Cadillac Escalade handle, perform and look .