With the Steelcraft grille guards, protection of your front end extends all the way to your headlights. These grille guards include heavy-duty brush guards for the full protection and a mean look of your vehicle. The Steelcraft company uses a unique and environmentally friendly type of coating - electrocoating. The electric charge is applied to the steel and opposite electrical charge is applied to the paint solution. Unlike powdercoating this type of finish creates a seamless bond between the steel and the paint resulting in a 100% protective coating both inside and outside of the accessory.

The steel used for the production of the grille guards is resistant to corrosion, this type of steel (T304) is even applied in certain pharmaceutical applications. While there is a lot of other less expensive materials Steelcraft uses the best to produce the accessories that can survive everyday wear and tear, and to protect the bumper of the vehicle in the most severe conditions. The no-drill installation of the accessory allows to make the process of mounting as quick and easy as possible.

The one-piece construction includes removable brush guards which can extend the range of protection of the front-end. The Steelcraft grille guard is backed with a lifetime warranty on the construction, it means that the accessory is extremely durable and will serve as long as you drive your vehicle. The grille guards are available in two types of finish black eCoat or the polished stainless steel. Depending upon the exterior of your vehicle you can choose the best fitting accessory. In fact, these fantastic designs cannot thoroughly safeguard the car from damage. Added by a rugged grill guard, the protection effects may be much better. This kind of item was original invented to help the car get rid of the attack from wild bulls on the countryside road. And now, it is increasingly used to protect the car from bumps in car collision.