The Romik company is building the high-quality tubular vehicle accessories. Romik got their start in Europe and their products still carry the style of the continent across the Atlantic. However, Europe proved too small a market and Romik looked west to tackle an American auto industry in desperate need of luxury auto accessories. The American auto world had been salivating for high-end tubular accessories for decades, and the jump across the pond made Romik Running Boards an overnight sensation.

With decades of high quality products to their name, Romik's success has carried on to this day. These pickup truck, CUV & SUV bull bars are a sure way to draw attention to your ride. Some models of these stainless steel Romik bull bars are even available with an integrated brush guard. The Bull Bars are made of heavy duty stainless steel tubular construction with no visible welds, allowing you to use them in the harshest conditions with no worries of cracking or breaking.

The bull bars are specifically made for most make model vehicles ensuring a tight custom fit to your front end contours, the constructions requires no drilling, that is why the accessory is installed with the laser-cut brackets which are included into the set. The secret of the strength of the bull bars is the 2.5" stainless steel. All Romik applications are supplied with a lifetime warranty on the structure, it means that the accessory will serve as long as you will use your vehicle. The installation of the application requires no drilling all necessary mounting holes are pre-drilled in order to make the process of installation easier and faster. Romik Bull Bars are the top-selection for your vehicle to shop on-line today. The Romik Bull Bars will improve and personalize your vehicle, and will make it unforgettable.