Go Industries

The brush guards produced by the Go Industries company are considered to be one of the best front end accessories manufacturer. The Go Industries brush guard gives your vehicle extra protection from the road debris and off-road brush. Go Industries Brush Guard for full size trucks, vans or SUVs give a total protection anywhere you take it! One-piece, fully welded grille guard provides the maximum front end protection for the headlight and grille areas of your truck or SUV.

This grille guard is constructed of 1.9", 14 gauge steel tubing and one-quarter inch, laser-cut steel uprights. The center section is 16 gauge steel with one-half inch punched holes. Each grille guard is designed for a specific vehicle model, contouring to its lines while providing an easy, no drill, hassle-free installation. Go Industries designed the no-drill mounting bracket system to utilize existing holes in the frame for extra strength, rigidity, no vibration and retain your tow hooks on all applications. A built-in, wide "step plate" allows easy access to the hood and engine on today's big trucks and SUVs. This over-sized step plate allows extra space for a sure-footed step.

Each grille guard is finished with a durable, rust free, electrostatic-applied black powder coat finish that provides extra resistance to corrosion, dings and scratches and is protected by a three-year warranty on materials and workmanship and one year on the finish. People who spend a lot of time driving through brush, tall grass and wooded areas, can make great use of brush guards. Instead of letting Mother Nature damage your vehicle, the simple installation of brush guards can keep your investment safe from potential damage. The new guards do not ruin the look of vehicles like they once did. That's why you see trucks sporting brush guards that have never seen the brush.