Black Horse

Adding style to that truck can be accomplished in any number of different ways. You might choose to install a roll bar on the truck, to put a toning cover on it or to install a headache rack. However, one of the best options for adding style, as well as a tremendous amount of protection, is to install a grille guard. You might be more familiar with the term brush guard, or push bar, but these terms all equate to the same basic thing, though individual styles will vary with each manufacturer.

Black Horse Grille Guard are the products manufactured with the highest standards to satisfy the aftermarket needs of the customers. Black Horse's grille guards provide customized front end to your vehicle and protect the headlights, grille area of the truck, van or SUV. Each grille guard is designed specifically for most make models that is why there will not be any problems with the misfit of the accessory - the accessory is fully contoured to the front of the vehicle.

To produce the grille guards the Black Horse company utilizes the best materials to produce high-quality accessories and to meet the demands of the sophisticated customer. The grille guards are available in two types of finish: black and polish. The best option is a powder-coated finish, which ensures long lasting durability and great looks. However, chromed finishes over stainless steel tubes can also be a great solution. These finishes allow to pick the accessory that will fit your vehicle the most. Black Horse's Stainless Steel Grille Guard offers the extended protection that bull bars cannot. Made to fit your vehicle, the brackets and instructions will make installation simple. No drilling is required! Pre-drilled holes to mount auxiliary lights are available. Plugs are provided to cover up the holes until the lights are added. This stainless steel product has a lifetime warranty. For the complete package you can include a pair of off-road lights.