The brush guards used for trucks are called truck brush guards, which is quite self explanatory. These particular brush guards are important especially since trucks are basically utilized for off-road terrains. The large bar a brush guard shield the front of the truck in a similar way as a bumper does. But comparing it to the bumper it does more by protecting the headlight lenses with its smaller bars and still enables headlights to shine through.

Whether you're a die-hard off-roader or a busy urban commuter, a brush guard from Aries company is an investment that will pay for itself. Aries corporation is one of the top-manufacturers of vehicle accessories. The brush guards are the accessories which will give not only a sturdy look to your vehicle but will protect the headlights from the damage caused by the possible impact. Brush guards were initially created as the protective accessories. Nowadays hundreds of possible designs made them stylish and must have applications.

Available finishes make it possible to choose the brush guard that will be a perfect fit for your truck or SUV. Aries makes it possible for all types of vehicle enthusiasts to find the right look for their rides. The company produces brush guards to fit most make models in order to ensure the precise fit of the accessory. Each brush guard is supplied by the lifetime warranty on the construction, it means that the application will serve as long as you will drive your vehicle. The brush guards are produced of a high-quality stainless steel to prevent the appearance of the rust. Some Aries Grille Guards come standard with a skid plate for extra defense. The installation of the accessory will not cause any difficulties, the brush guard is mounted using the brackets. All the necessary hardware together with installation instruction are included into the set.