2008 Chevy Corvette Lloyd Floor Mats

Lloyd mats are made for the precise shape of a car, so they have the ability to cover more flooring space than the factory mats. When choosing this mat you need to understand that they have a dimpled design that uses cups that cling to dirt and moisture without a tall edge protruding, making the appearance of the mat quite subtle. If you are interested in purchasing this unit, it comes in four colors which are black, gray, tan and clear.

Lloyd mats are created in several options and from various materials. The carpets are created of the first class materials. On the back side of the carpet there is a coating which has two functions it keeps the water on the mat, and doesn't allow the mat to move over the carpet surface. All Lloyd mats for 2008 Chevy Corvette are fitted with anchoring devices which are one of the safety precautions. The mats are created in various embroidered designs, different sports and makes logos are available for the mats, these logos allow to add extra style to the interior.

Lloyd Mats Selection

There are available two series of 2008 Chevy Corvette Lloyd mats which are designed of a rubber of vinyl these all-weather mats will give you a 100% protection of any kinds of any liquids that might get on your floor. RubberTite and Clear Vinyl mats feature 5000 patterns to choose from. Vinyl mats are made of a transparent material which can show the original carpeting. These mats are the best options to complement your interior.

Lloyd Floor Mats Gallery:

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