Ferris Wharton’s Rehabilitation is Underway

September 1st, 2007 by admin

Back in April, the 2006 Republican candidate for Attorney General, career prosecutor Ferris Wharton, was involved in a hit and run traffic accident, wherein he was the one doing the hitting and running. Luckily, no one was hurt, but leaving the scene of an accident is still crime.

A crime that Mr. Wharton was charged with. Indeed, his plea negotiations was news as recently as last week.

The News Journal:

Former Republican attorney general candidate Ferris Wharton’s attempt to enter a plea bargain in a hit-and-run case hit a snag Friday because state police were not ready to sign off on the deal.

Wharton and his attorney showed up at Justice of the Peace Court for an afternoon hearing, but the case was continued after police learned that the attorney general’s office had not signed off on a plea bargain.

[State Police Spokesman Cpl. Jeff] Whitmarsh said state police policy requires that an officer willing to have a charge dismissed or amended must review the matter with the attorney general’s office in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Ok, now I am not going to make a big deal over Mr. Wharton’s hit and run. I will even take him at his word that he only thought he was involved in a near crash or a close call, for he was driving a huge 2007 Chevy Tahoe. A school bus bounces off those things.

He committed a crime, and he is dealing with the consequences. His life need not be ruined for all eternity.

But considering that charges against him are still pending, does anyone find it odd that there is no mention about it in Esteban Perra’s story today about Wharton’s hiring as a Public Defender?

Former Republican attorney general candidate Ferris Wharton is going to work for the office he has spent most of his legal career opposing.

Starting Friday, Wharton, who spent 23 years in the Attorney General’s Office, will join the Public Defender’s Office.

“It’s a different kind of challenge for me,” Wharton said, adding that he was looking forward to returning to criminal law.

Wharton joined the state Attorney General’s Office in 1980, becoming its chief deputy attorney general in 2001. Wharton resigned in 2003 to become a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware.

He left the office in March 2006 to run unsuccessfully as the Republican candidate for state attorney general.

The article goes on, but there is no mention of the hit and run accident. Considering that his plea negotiations were news in the same newspaper not more than a week ago, surely it deserved at least a one-sentence mention. It is undeniably relevant.

Let no one say that Fox News is alone in the whitewash department.

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