Gibson Exhaust Systems

Gibson Performance Exhaust systems are manufactured in gas and diesel applications for cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles with a limited lifetime warranty and will not effect factory warranties. With options such as aluminized or stainless steel and five different exhaust exits, there is no going wrong with Gibson's line of performance cat-back systems. You will certainly find what you are looking for in this line with the style, torque, tone and brilliant engineering, whether your vehicle is for work or for play. The performance and durability of these parts are also quite impressive.

Almost all of the parts come zinc-plated with heavy-duty stainless steel clamps and offer the maximum car exhaust flow for the most efficient exhaust and have three to four- inch tailpipes. The superbly designed and chambered Super Flow muffler accompanying the exhausts systems ensures a clean and straight-through flow. Most importantly, your car doesn't have to deal with any back pressure or harsh noise. All you get is a clear growl and highly improved fuel economy. When it comes to the quality, the system is completely mandrel bent in order to access a clear and free exhaust flow. The finishing of the brilliantly polished T-304 stainless steel tip, adds further elegance to the entire system. Then, there is this heavy-duty aluminized steel that has been used for the construction of your Gibson Exhaust System, making it more competent in terms of both performance and appearance.