Cgs Exhaust Systems

CGS company offers the highest quality products at competitive prices. For over a decade, CGS has been adding sport to the motors of thousands of trucks and SUV's creating extra horsepower and better fuel economy. In addition to the exhaust system there is more power to be gained. Just like the human body, a vehicle must inhale so that it can exhale - Let it BREATHE. By installing CGS exhaust systems you are allowing your vehicle to use its full potential. The components are superior by design and engineering, using the highest quality materials, effective research and most precise design.

The products are unmatched for their image as well as performance. CSG doesn't compromise on quality or craftsmanship when creating essential performance products for your vehicles. CGS exhaust systems are not only delivering good looks to the vehicles but they are also increasing performance of the vehicle up to 30 horsepowers (30 ft-lb torque), and add up to 2 mpg increase in fuel efficiency. CGS air intake and cat-back exhaust systems together maximize the performance of your vehicle. Don't just reveal half of your vehicles potential when you could have it all. By adding CGS complete line of aftermarket products you will be doing just that. Together these performance systems maximize your engine's breathing by fully enhancing the air intake and exhaust flow, delivering the full capability of your vehicle.