Banks Exhaust Systems

For more horsepower, a great sound, and good looks, you may want to consider a Banks exhaust system. Airflow is increased immensely in the Banks exhaust system through larger diameter pipes and finely tuned pipe bends. The muffler of the Banks exhaust system lets airflow through easily with much lower back pressure, while still eliminating the unwanted portions of the engine sound. The muffler and exhaust tips of the Banks exhaust system are made from stainless steel that is polished to a mirror-like finish. An instruction manual and all the necessary hardware are included for an easy installation into the stock locations.

Other performance-enhancing lines give you additional power at the expense of your engine, but the Banks Power Pack does not. The Banks Power Kit has undergone intense factory testing under real-world conditions just to make sure we come up with the most accurate results. The components of a Banks Power Pack differs slightly from one vehicle to another, but the basics include stainless steel exhaust pipe, a low restriction air cleaner, which keeps air flow smooth, and the Banks Quick-turbo turbine housing, which cools the intake air after it comes through the turbo. Banks Power Exhaust Systems are available for a wide variety of vehicles, so whatever model and make your vehicle may be, we have a power kit available for your truck.