October 8th, 2007 by admin

The Rev. Christopher Bullock, a pastor at the New Canaan Baptist Church who has gained some notoriety of late in participating the Iraq Summer Campaign and because he was considering running for Congress against Mike Castle, has decided to sit out the race.

I received a call from Rev. Bullock this afternoon on my drive home from work. He told me that he decided to concentrate his efforts on one huge undertaking at a time, rather than two. The first huge undertaking was overseeing the expansion of his church, not only physically (as New Canaan broke ground on an expansion recently), but also demographically.

I understand the choice. His first job and mission is to his congregation.

I told him I hoped he considered public office in the future, as I think he would add much to the debate and indeed he had much to offer in public service.

So now, unless the dynamics of Delaware politics has changed during my week long absence and somehow one of the big stars of the party (Denn, Blunt, Markell, or Carney) is running against Castle, the race for the Democratic nomination is between Jerry Northington, Karen Hartley Nagle and Dennis Spivack.

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