About Mephisto

October 7th, 2010 by admin

Mephisto is more than about me. Yeah, I run it, pay the bills, etc., but what Mephisto is really about is building an online progressive community that will:

* provide individual Delawareans a place to discuss liberal, progressive and Democratic issues.

* enable local and statewide liberal, progressive and Democratic candidates and elected officials a platform for discussing issues and their campaigns.

* allow for liberal, progressive and Democratic Delawareans to get organized so as to bring about change.

This blog is a group blog. All Delawareans that share liberal, progressive and Democratic values are welcome here, and they are not only welcome to read, but they are welcome to register an account and to post “diaries” of their own, which will appear on the left column under the section Delaware Diaries. And they are welcome to comment on any story or other diaries that other community members put up.

Indeed, you have a lot of control over this site. If you don’t like something, or you would like a feature added, just email me, and I will change it for you. If you write a diary on Delaware politics or on the Delaware Psychiatric Center or the push for wind energy, I will most likely promote it to the front page. This is your site too, so use it.

I use the terms “liberal, progressive and Democratic” for a reason. This is most decidedly a partisan blog. It is not a liberal blog alone. It is not a progressive blog alone. It is not a Democratic blog alone. But it is a blog that favors the left side of the aisle in terms of policies, issues and candidates.

This is a blog that recognizes that Democrats run from left to right on the ideological spectrum, and yet we’re all still in this fight together. It is a Democratic blog in a sense that we will advocate for the election of Democrats. Our requirement is that the Democrats we support stay true to the Democratic, liberal and/or progressive principles and values they espouse. And if they do not, if they are too willing to capitulate to Republicans, then we will support Democrats to replace them.

It is a liberal and progressive blog in a sense that we all recognize that the conservative, neoconservative and theocratic policies of the modern day Republican party have failed America, and that advancing our values providing for the common good of all Americans and for protecting our cherished constitutional rights are of paramount importance to our nation.

I hope Mephisto can function as a tool to that end.