“Rails is a Ghetto” – a ranting exit from the Ruby and Rails Community.

May 24th, 2011 by admin

The Author here points out how Zed Shaw the creator of a immensely famous library and web server for Rails called Mongrel, has posted the rant of the year already even when its just the first day of the year i.e. January 1st.
Zed Shaw who happens to be a writer, musician and a software developer is generally well known for the creation of the Mongrel web server for the applications for Ruby which was approved by the creators of Ruby and was pointed out as the first scalable ruby server ever made. He is however often criticized for his opinions on technology and business.
Here is an identical situation. It was expected as the disappointment level of Zed Shaw was noticed before regarding various issues discussed later on.
According to the author the rant was something like where he states his planned exit from Ruby and Rails community, and that he doesn’t want to be addressed as a ‘Ruby guy ‘ anymore, he also indicated his probable projects involving Python, Factor and Lua,- several other programming languages in the up coming months will not use much of Ruby anymore.
According Zed Shaw, this rant is full or stories about those companies and peoples who have supposedly done wrong and befriended peoples in various certain occasions. He also made it clear that everything he had written is true and that he can back them all up from various sources like emails, IRC char logs and/or with witnesses. He also mentioned nothing here is a lie, unless it is considered to be a lie already and that this rant contains a lot of his personal opinions too.
It seems that the author is not happy at all with this ranting on Zed Shaw’s part as he calls him a maniac and also states the possibility of him being from New Jersey pointing out his willingness to fight on a sudden change of mind.

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